Tuesday 1 March 2016

Miserable World of ‘Ocean of Mercy’

Customer is king but not in wine shop. Yesterday, they were denied at Madhushala and Smuggler for not carrying enough cash despite carrying the cards. 

They decided to hang around in Raj Restaurant. This place suits many as shattering legs crave for home at the end.

They are a team of diverse skill-set: Non-veg and alcoholic, Non-veg and non-alcoholic, veg and alcoholic, veg and non-alcoholic etc. 

Sophistication at its best, Vodaka and beer purchased and card swapped. All went melodramatically well with gradually diminishing sophistication.

Beer is amazing liquid it can accommodate itself even inside overwhelming bladders. Govt. is promoting ‘Jahan Soch Wahan Sauchalay’ but men will be men. They somehow figure out the pee-corner near almost every place they got urge to relieve. It was 10 in the night and all greeted one another, serenaded praise of technical, managerial, humor and all the skills imaginable before rushing to their home. After all there is one more boss at everyone’s home.

Well educated, well behaved, well drunk men turned to the back of the restaurant to relieve themselves. In the back of restaurant there is fair darkness to support the act.

Almost a month passed and today I have seen the same wall little clean decorated with 4-6 tiles of various gods. Someone has made use of gods to protect the wall. And he has left the modesty of gods to the will and conscience of drunk men that too in the darkness. He purposefully didn’t think of ‘What ifs’.

He has made gods to sit on filthy wall, foul-smelling area, exposed to the sun forever. Did he really believed god there protecting his wall? If yes, how unfortunate, he missed to take gods inside his home. If not, why will other bother? 

There was a time when 2-3 item songs hit the generation – Munni badnaam Hui, Sheela, Sheela ki jawani etc. People used to change the channel if some of their close one –Dadi, Nani- having the name Munni or Sheela in the home. That was a gesture of respect. Why would other bother if you are not sensible to respond?

Coming to the point Smriti Irani raised in Parliament. She read a paper loud about Goddess Durga. The content was filled with absolute dis-respect for our reverend Goddess. She should not have read it loudly. She should have not used wrong words. She could have explained with other words. People who are actually doing that, will be punished. If it is crime, punish them under law. If it is sin, Goddess herself is not so weak that she will wait for your support to punish them. After all, we worship her as a source of Shakti. 

In spite of almighty being ‘Ocean of Mercy’, ‘Daya-Sagar’, ‘Kripa-Nidhan’, and entire world is filled with Sufferings. Who is responsible for this gap?   

- Amit Roop

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