Saturday 26 March 2016

Left and Right Dual

When people were celebrating Holi, some intellectuals raised question that how far is it justified to celebrate burning of a WOMAN Holika alive. She was a WOMAN and people should have given her a Reverend status.

When people celebrate the victory of Durga over evil Mahisasur and have a reverance for goddess Durga, intellectuals raised question about Mahisasur CASTE and his so called exploitation by a woman Durga.

Thoughts are carrying lots of energy and moving in a rather random way in the society nowadays. Entire base of Hinduism might be fiction or myth! Nobody knows the truth. But believing that all the antagonists are actually heros exploited by portrayed protagonist can only be a politically fertilised thought. 

God knows tomorrow someone might have a soft corner for Pootana, Tadka, Soopnakha for being women and many others wicked men for their respective castes.

Even in these contradictory opinions, I am sure that no one will challenge Ramayana to claim that actually sita had conspired the plot and Hanuman and Ram exploited poor Ravan because of his caste that is still immune to all wordly exploitations. The poor antagonist was a Brahmin!

- Amit Roop

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