Thursday 24 December 2015

Cutie pie’s choco pie

It was a Sunday morning and I got up little late. After having my tea, I sat on sofa in my living room. My little niece was having choco pie and she shared a tiny piece with me. She had a habit of going to bed late and getting up early. I said, ‘You have it. I don’t feel like having it now.’ She insisted. Then I said, ‘this tiny piece? Give me bigger one else I won’t take.’ She replied smiling, ’I like it very much. Please don’t ask for more.’ So I had taken that tiny piece though it just stuck to my teeth.

Due to morning laziness, I again became mum and didn't utter even a word for a while. She started asking, ‘what happened, you look so sad?’ Dramatically kidding I said, ’You have given me a tiny piece that is the reason I am sad.’ Without thinking even for a moment, she had divided the remaining piece in two equal parts and asked me to take the one, though earlier she had said she likes that very much and would not share more. I insisted, ‘I was just kidding, you have it Beta’. She got overwhelmed and asked me to take the piece and don’t remain sad.

Years passed, I still remember the little angel valued my happiness so much.

- Amit Roop

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