Wednesday 2 September 2015

Be Human

The default wiring of human brain was to listen. People keep hearing all the day without extra efforts and used to speak only when they want. Then came lots of feedbacks from corporate world – ‘You need to be more vocal!’ followed by so many recommendation for training: Verbal communication, Persuasion, Negotiation, Presentation. Collectively the brain was altered to speak more and person was transformed to be labelled as Intellectual.

Now the corporate world echoed – Hey! You lack listening skills. The fact is, there are number of instances where people were denied promotion for this reason; the number increased for senior levels.
On the similar pattern. Learning had been imposed to alter the brain. Now a new word is flashing ‘Un-learn’.

Envision the future – It will soon be ‘Cool Down’, ‘Relax’, ‘Be Careless’, ‘Make Mistakes’, ‘Leave it for tomorrow’, ‘Don’t reply mails’, ‘Don’t answer phone calls’, ‘Be Human’!

- Amit Roop

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