Tuesday 16 June 2015

This Guy Got the Guts!

After a little drizzling, the sky was clear and Sun was even shinier. I had to rush home. I was waiting at Subhash Chowk for traffic cop to signal. A JCB backhoe was digging the soil at 20 feet left of me. There is a big fly-over construction going on in Subhash Chowk.

It take more than 15-20 minutes to cross the jam daily.  Traffic from right was unstoppable. Honking vehicles were competing one another to move forward, obviously within the boundaries of disciple. 'Oh, what is this guy doing?’ I cribbed for traffic cop. 

Traffic cop signaled the cars - already midway- to move quickly and asked the next truck to stop. The truck was loaded with sand. It kept moving slowly. The cop confronted; he knocked on its bonnet. He shouted, 'I said STOP.' The truck driver accelerated. It got dangerous for the cop and he ran. People were eagerly watching the scene including the army men in an army truck beside me. Traffic cop ran backward and banged on truck's window still the truck driver didn't seem to abide the order. Army men started making fun of the cop, one said, 'these idiots!' God knows whom he addressed. 'Nikal gaya wo to', other said and they all burst into laughter. The cop tried to run faster. For a fraction of second, the cop was helpless. The construction laborers stopped the work. They started discussing among themselves. He ran even faster. This was not to escape but to stop those cars he already had asked to move before the rebel truck. He had stopped 4-5 cars ahead of the truck and jumped to open the truck window. Now was the time for punishment!

After 3-4 tight slaps, he asked the driver to take the left. While moving a bit to the clearer road, the driver again thought to run and gave race. The cop now was on full heroism. He had punched the driver to push out from the driving sheet on the road. He jumped out of the truck and caught his collar.
Soon the rebel was begging for mercy. 

The traffic was stand still for the full of energy scene that was a feel good as 'Triumph of truth' was established. The cop emerged as Hero. One of the army men said, 'This guy got the guts'.

- Amit Roop

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