Wednesday 27 May 2015

Don’t Drink At All!

Today morning when I didn’t find the newspaper, I sat leisurely in chair with a cup of tea. Yesterday's newspaper was there on the table and I started browsing it. There was an interview of Sarabjit's sister Dalbir Kaur. She told the reporter that one Hindi film is in the making about his life and that he was misunderstood to be a spy by Pakistanis.

I read entire story; it was sad. Cruelty of Pakis, miserable life of Sarabjit and corrupt systems at both the countries. That is other country and we have already have so many fights, skirmishes at border, so many allegations etc. so this was not beyond expectation.

Our govt. support, nothing new to say. The only thing that she didn’t crib about - what made him walk the border and reach the other side that night.

IT WAS ALCOHOL. Ironically, entire country this side loves that. Had he not been drunk that day it wouldn't have happened? 

Don’t remember 'Don’t drink and drive'. Remember 'Don’t drink at all!'

- Amit Roop

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