Wednesday 1 April 2015

If Aghori could return 'Home'!

It’s not about feminism but for everybody. In fact, 'My Choice' ideology is permitted in Vedic Social Interface also. The person following the ideology is called Aghori. Interestingly, everything said in this video is truth for Aghoris but last. There is no home for Aghoris to return on-time or not.

Home is a part of society and society has some values to follow that certainly do not match with that of 'My Choice'.

And then at the end or even in the middle, depression dominates Deepika because when you have enjoyed all the luxury of the world, you started preaching for 'My Choice' and then on the contrary you keep a desire to come 'Home' whenever you want.

This is not to empower women. This is a well-planned, thought of and directed video to show women in dim light. Purposefully in black and white, making woman’s hair flutter in all the dimensions to showcase women’s uncontrolled desires containing limitless strength to spell disaster like Shiva tandav. Where are the colors? Where is the light? It’s as if director doesn’t know these are the important ingredients for showing positive messages.

They all know it well! It’s a deliberate act to generate business. It’s not Deepika at all. It takes intellect to write poetry that has an impact even if it is bad poetry or let’s call it rebel. Now a days 'Rebels' are very much popular so is this video!

The video would do more harm than good for image of women. There are so many women working hard for their families and rushing home in the evening to reach on time.  

- Amit Roop

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