Monday 10 November 2014

My Modi-fied Kitchen

My kitchen has witnessed the biggest change in the changing weather of Indian politics. It has influenced my personal life to the extent that my Srimati Ji – I was fond of calling ‘Home minister’- has jumped in the shoes of Prime minister and adopted village ‘Kitchen’.

Modi’s strategic visits to our neighboring countries inspired her and there has been a steep rise in her visits to neighbors and her sisters. As a result, so many new members got added in the kitchen utensils e.g. non-stick cookware, juicers and mixers of new brands etc. The technically advanced microwave oven is in the pipeline.

‘Swachch Bharat’ campaign has ousted many veteran cockroaches out of kitchen.
Though Srimati Ji is highly qualified and seldom gives importance to the taste her cooking can achieve, success of Mars mission has invoked the spark and she decided to prepare Daal, Baati, Choorma all alone herself. I appreciated the outcome even though I was having lunch at the same time when everybody else in the country was enjoying dinner. She boasted that in order to prepare something good, one need to invest time along with focused efforts. 

The old cups, those were enjoying monopoly whenever tea was even discussed, were found broken here and there and new cups have voluntarily taken the responsibility. It was the effect of assembly elections in Maharashtra. While collecting one broken cup from the floor, Srimati Ji expressed her respect for this senior-aged-experienced one. The new cups that she just purchased started ruling the kitchen. One or two from old set are still making noise and willing to share the royal place in the rack.

On the occasion of Diwali, Srimati Ji purchased a new Hawkins cooker and assigned it the lead role. She started calling old one ‘Advani’ and kept it to the most non-reachable corner of the rack. While discussing the experience level, she justified well that it has to blow the whistle and the younger is the better in doing that.

Belan and Chimta has always been true SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). Besides doing their own critical job, they have imposed discipline in the house; every husband must agree! Ironically, they never got a proper place in the rack but only a hook to hang for their entire life. Now with the expansion of Modi’s govt. and some SMEs being awarded ministries, they are also looking forward to see something good in near future.

-          Amit Roop

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  1. Nice again. A very hilarious one... Loved it