Sunday 2 November 2014

Movie Review : Happy New Year (Oct 2014)

Happy New Year - An act of crime for personal revenge colored in cinematic patriotism.

The moment artist decides to copy, he himself accepts that he doesn’t carry desire to envision the making of master piece.

So if audiences' expectation is to enjoy master-piece, they are expecting too much. It’s their own fault in this agile delivery world. Probably, the purpose was to quickly prepare something and serve to rest-less audience -on holidays- and enter the 100 Cr club much before anybody notices the quality and convey to others.
Producer, director are so obsessed with their own old flicks that they seem to be getting inspired from them again and again. It is said - 'Cinema is a mirror of society.' but for them -'Cinema is the mirror of cinema'.

While introducing the characters and their inner-emotional-needs to join the team to commit crime, they failed -rather, they didn't bother to- justify the reason of the same for a common man Nandu and a Hacker Kid. Moreover, the plot was based on Shalimar Security Company and they forgot that there is something called Cyber Security also.

They brought my expectation to nadir in first half and then gave it a rise in second half a bit. Anyways, sincere apologies to all SRK fans! The pain of not got entertained enough after paying 240 Rs. forced me to write this review. The purpose was also to prevent the victimization of others from this caricature!

- Amit Roop

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