Tuesday 25 March 2014

Jo Hath Lag Jaye Wo Kya LARGE!

While going to C-DAC, a fine morning, when a Pune university comp. science student showed his respect to me for working with C-DAC, I decided to wipe out all my grudges of not being able to get admission in Pune University 3 years ago.

Getting nostalgic today morning, I traversed the same memory lane when security personnel on my office gate asked for displaying badge. The same badge, which used to be the matter of pride has become the routine and so is the associated pleasure.

“Jo Hath Lag Jaye Wo Kya LARGE!”

Somewhere my conscience has changed the values of parameters happiness used to be dependent on.

And now, the everlasting flickering soul is still trying to understand the true definition of ‘Happiness that never lasts'.

- Amit Roop

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