Saturday 15 February 2014

IPL – The expensive overdose

Source - The HinduDinesh Karthik got whopping Rs. 12.5 crore in IPL auction. He got shocked and admitted, ‘I never thought I would get this kind of price.’ I don’t have any personal problem with Dinesh’s prices, there are many who crossed Rs. 5 crore marks even in the first day for that matter.
Now, if the players themselves are getting shocked with these kinds of prices, why is the buyer happily paying so much money? And the question holds more weight if I replace ‘why’ with ‘how’. Everybody knows that these buyers are not common man; they are industrialists- eminent wealthy personalities. 

The purpose is generating lots of business with getting lots of cricket produced and served to common men. Won’t paying so much money will cost them a lot and eventually they will regret? The answer is: A Big ‘NO’.  

I used to think that if I am not going to see the match in stadium and obviously not purchasing the tickets, I am not contributing to their balance sheet any way. The big business gurus must have already analyzed the involvement of every penny and the ROI on it. First of all, before even the match actually gets started the product of IPL will start generating wealth – the story of expensive players will be fed to the people – at their cost – in both print and tele media. After that, once the match gets started, the common cricket lover will be disturbed with lots of commercial advertisements. So what, he is no way paying anything – correct so far. Now the more people will watch cricket the more TRP will be increased and will therefore increase the charges for commercial advertisements. This will get added to the cost the company is investing on the commodity produced and brought to the consumer. So finally customer will end up paying more for that commodity. And moreover, IPL will be over but the increased prices of commodity will never come down.
So, we the customers and cricket lovers would be paying the prices of these expensive players. Ironically, most of us already know this. The bigger question is – isn’t it an expensive overdose of cricket?
-          Amit Roop    

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