Monday 22 July 2013

Enslaved Tone

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I beg to say that I’m suffering from fever since last night so I’ll not be able to attend the school. Request you to grant me leaves for two days.
I shall be highly obliged.

Yours truly,
-          XYX
It had been more than twenty years, a young lad, studying in 4th std., had written this piece of content to inform his class teacher that he was down with fever and requesting to take two days leave.

His dad, while going his way to office, had got it signed-off from his class teacher. The poor student was relaxed that he had poured an immense amount of respect while asking for leave and he would not be tortured for not being present in the class.

After two days, though he was still feeling weak, he went to school and was made target of torture. His class teacher didn’t inform other subject teachers about his sanctioned leaves and they didn’t fail to punish him for the mistake he never did. Adding to his dismay, he had been forced to complete whatever had been taught in those two days in utter urgency.

The most brutal maths teacher had got a significant reason to demonstrate his brand as an ‘Epitome of Terror’ and he did it perfectly.   English teacher had trapped him asking to spell ‘Discipline’ and ‘Etiquette’, the two new words he had taught the day before and then he used his entire vocab to insult him.  He knew that insult would last long to heal for a sincere guy. The poor boy kept screaming - ‘I was on leave’ but the trauma continued.

He doffed his self pride to those who never deserved. Now After twenty years, he is a mature man, he regrets on his words.  His mugged up application contained four words (respect, beg, request, oblige), kneeling down his soul in mere five lines. Was he a slave deployed to build the Great Wall of China and dared to ask for leave? 

-Amit Roop

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