Thursday 23 May 2013

Ulterior Motives

After getting down at metro station, I decided to take an auto for the remaining 3 KM to my home. It was scorching heat even at 7 in the evening. One auto driver nodded and I quickly sat in his auto. At the same time, a teen aged girl came and talked about something, I couldn’t hear properly. Surprisingly auto driver asked me to get down as he told that he had nodded for that girl and is not willing to go to my place.

Most of the time I find myself little aggressive due to nature of my job, I got pissed off badly this time, perhaps summer had an add-on effect. I preached him about his duty and threatened to call police also, if he disagrees to go with me.

The heated discussion was going on, suddenly I noticed a young guy rushing to metro station, and he dropped his wallet while taking his handkerchief out from his pocket. Auto driver also noticed and quickly collected the wallet and scanned it. I tried calling the poor guy but auto driver drove away from that place.

The topic of discussion changed, but it was still heated. I asked him to give it to me so that I could find out his number from some of his cards and call him. He didn’t listen. I shouted, “Give it to me; he might be a poor student.” He had taken out some documents form the wallet and given me. I got his number and called him.     

The poor guy thanked me and said, “I will collect from the same metro station tomorrow, please keep it with you.” Auto driver refused to give it to me unless I shouted at him again. He had taken the cash out and given the wallet to me. I again shouted for the cash. By the time, I reached my destination and got down from the auto. He said, “Even I doubt you will give the wallet with money to the poor guy. Call the guy again and ask him to take it from me only. Moreover I stay at metro station whole the day, he can come and collect at any time. How have you assumed yourself as a custodian of this?” I called the guy, told him the auto’s number and left the place.

- Amit Roop

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