Tuesday 21 May 2013

This is just a live performance…

Since values of individuals are diminishing by the dominance of desires for having luxuries by any means, playing for letting other team win may never be ruled out if the player is being highly paid to do so.

In movies also the climax remain fix still people watch it and enjoy it. The flavor added here is, it’s a live movie having cricket in it and players are good actors also.
Moreover the money that is being paid to a player for playing to win the match and playing to lose the match is definitely coming from people having plenty of wealth and aiming to fetch more.  

The victims of IPL fixing are of two types- one is the person who buys a ticket and intends to enjoy the sincere efforts players are putting, other is the person who is watching it on TV. In both cases this is for satiating people’s entertainment instincts.

The crux of the story is -The issue doesn’t have that impact on the pulse of the country and doesn’t deserve to dominate the other burning issues. This can be easily solved with the disclaimer in future saying ‘This is just a live performance and any resemblance with cricket will be just a coincidence’. There are many other performances which used to be games.

- Amit Roop

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