Friday 19 April 2013

A story, too good to be true!

There was a poor artist in a small town of India, named Chandan. He used to earn his bread and butter working in a drama company. Chandan was married and had two daughters. Though his family and friends believed him as a teetotaler but he used to take local made wine to de-stress himself whenever he faced some financial challenges.

His wife used to suggest him to do some productive job rather than just entertaining the mass. His life was an ongoing struggle due to poverty. During the course of life and fulfilling his family needs, predicament lead him to commit some act which was out of boundary of law.

Poor Chandan was arrested and sent to jail. After sometime, he was released on bail and judiciary process kept mulling for more than 20 years to search the grounds on which facts can be proved and acknowledged. Media had shown the story of poor guy several times. Mean while he had resumed his work and acted on various dramas. After lots of speculations about verdict, he was sentenced few years imprisonment. Since he had not had enough money to visit some well known and sacrosanct temples, he visited local holy places and prayed for himself. Media had again left focus from other important issues and shown this poor guy taking shelter of various gods. He was sanctioned time to complete his remaining important dramas and visit jail in his leisure time. Media again serenaded for him. Poor Chandan was very sad and so were the people of his town.      

- Amit Roop

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