Thursday 26 July 2012

I am Superstitious!

Educated people keep talking about superstition. It’s all over in India rather I must say it’s all over in world. As long as science is unable to explain happening of events; the “why” and “how” and moreover telling the certainty of happening, I’ll better remain superstitious. If science starts predictions it’s better to rely on Jyotis, our very own and well documented science.

Unless it is certain to happen all are predictions. What is called superstitions today might be the outcome of our Rishis, Munis research. It might have been documented also otherwise what had burnt in the library of Nalanda University which was set ablaze and kept burning for 3 months. If it was useless, why would foreign invader ablaze it?

If you don’t have proof doesn’t mean the much old beliefs are futile. Science is still struggling to find answers of some basic questions. How can I believe blindly on immature science either?

Earth was revolving round the sun for millions of years before science got to know this. Further from where it is getting energy to get dynamism. Non living bodies require diesel, petrol or electricity and living requires food. To explain this science will start explaining centrifugal force, centripetal force, gravitational force and God knows what all, which only a learned physicist can understand. On the other hand Eisntein said, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother”. And I’m sure no scientist can explain the existence of so many forces to their grandmother which they named as per their convenience and to justify something scientifically which is happening. The question here is “Who is monitoring all these weird forces to work so perfectly for billions of years?” This perfection can’t be random.

There are many other basic things which science will eventually get to know. I’m just saying there is much more remaining for science to solve. Who knows they end up arriving on the same beliefs which our ancestors had.  

It was 13th and Friday, a deadly combination of bad omens whole world believes. I had confirmed ticket of Rajdhani for my home town. The train got late for 5:30 hours due to some accident on the tracks. Many trains got late and passengers kept waiting whole the night in platform. It might be coincidence but be it whatever people suffered a lot.

Don’t always think “Why”, have a scope for “Why not” in your thoughts.   

- Amit Roop

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