Friday 29 June 2012

The WOW Project: Lord Vishnu Way

Yesterday in a TV serial “Mahadev”, Kaamdev had shot an aphrodisiac arrow on Lord Shiva and therefore triggered His rage which resulted Kaamdev burnt to ashes.

Kaamdev was provoked by Indra for doing this Fidayeen act. Indra was afraid of one devil that had got a boon to be assassinated only by son of Lord Shiva so Indra wanted Lord Shiva to get married soon. Parvati also wanted the same. So Indra and Parwati both were trying hard for their own personal reasons.
Rati, Kaamdev’s wife after sudden demise of her hubby had lambasted on Indra and shown her annoyance to Parwati also. She had given curse to both.

“Your throne will never be stable” to Indra and “you’ll never be able to enjoy married life” to Parvati.

Lord Vishnu appeared suddenly and asked Rati to revoke her curse given to Parvati but didn’t say anything for Indra. Now analyze the situation closely.

The question is “why”. The crime is same but the punishment depends on the social status you have. Correct! Zoom in and you’ll find one more reason, “The Wow Project”.
This will be a full time “Wow Project” for Lord Vishnu to keep solving Indra’s recurring problems and complete all his reincarnations with a glory and sense of accomplishment!

However the other curse which was for Parvati was not likely to convert into a Wow project for him because of its stake holders; Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Devil Tarakasur! So he got it revoked in feasibility phase only.
- Amit Roop