Friday 29 June 2012

Mr. Sharma and city’s best Doctor

Best friend of mine Mr. Sharma developed severe pain in his stomach and had waited for 2 days before seeing a neighborhood Doctor. Doctor is well qualified MBBS, MD whose schedule is 7-9 PM and examines almost 20 to 30 patients daily.

He prescribed medicine for 5 days but it didn’t provide any relief to Mr. Sharma. Having taken medicine for 3 days he has taken F n F (Friends and Family) advice and decided to see the best specialist Doctor of the city.

He has got appointment for 2 days later in spite of fruitless requests that too of 2-5 afternoons. He reached the clinic at 2 PM and had a fortune to see the Doctor at 6 PM. The clinic was fully occupied by patients who were lucky enough to get the appointment with most trusted Doctor. Doctor had given him 15 seconds and he kept on telling him probable diagnosis along with the symptoms. And Doctor therefore kept on recommending the tests as per his diagnosis and his hidden handshake with the path lab’s owner. Doctor has prescribed 2-2 tabs for each of his diagnosis illnesses and summarized the meeting with a note of address of his favorite path lab.

Testing reports of path labs were due for 2 days and by then he kept on taking the prescribed medicine. After 2 days he had collected reports and directly reached to the clinic but taking appointment is mandatory no matter how severe your pain is or how much amount you’ve already lost in this drama before start of actual medication. Obviously he got back to home and again started struggling on phone and trying his luck to get an appointment.

His luck worked and got an appointment for a date 2 days later. He kept on taking that prescribed medicine (Yes, it’s worth mentioning here again). Now due to some reasons be it medicine or whatever he got loose motions and this was a bigger problem than the stomach pain itself (which was the inception of the story).

Two days later while getting a chance to see the Doctor his focus was to get motions fix and he forgot to discuss about stomach pain because Doctor had given only 10-15 seconds of his precious time and obviously the problem which was show stopper deserved to be discussed first. Doctor has suggested him to stop taking roti and take only fluids. Further he had added some more pills.

Having taken the medicines just for 1 day he got some rashes on the face with burning itching which had added panic to the story. He had tried to approach the Doctor and this time he got and appointment 3 days later (It’s worth mentioning here there was no ailing of motions or stomachache).

Since there was no handy option available he rushed to nearby nursing home and one Jr. Doctor had given 2 injections at the spot and advised him to get admitted. Now the process of nursing home started drips, blood, urine, biochemistry and what not.

Second day he really started looking like pale, poor, patient. Fortunately specialist Doctor visited to hospital and after having a look at reports said that there was some wrong medication done which resulted in these problems. And happily said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be OK.” He felt it like a touch of Messiah.

Messiah disappeared and Jr. Doctor kept giving him injections every now and then and assured him that he’ll be discharged after 7 days (doing him a favor!).

After 7 days he discharged from hospital after paying only 20K rupees and thanking to the Jr. Doctor.

Mr. Sharma is still suffering from stomach pain but he never tells this to anybody to avoid any suggestion about some specialist Doctor and believes that it’ll be OK by regular walk and in-take of butter milk. 

- Amit Roop