Saturday, 21 January 2023

उसकी इच्छा बिना पत्ता नहीं हिलता

 उसकी इच्छा बिना पत्ता नहीं हिलता|


सबको उनके कर्मो का फल ही मिलता है|

These are two seemingly contradictory statements. But the point here is first talks about outcome and second talks about actions.

You get results based on what you actually did not what you caused. Because the outcome depends on lots of other factors, which are beyond your control.

Take example of judiciary system. You hit someone with wooden road and it caused his death. You will be charged with murder. If he didn't die it caused him just a small wound, the charges would be simpler. That means the punishment would be based on what you caused not what you actually did. Whereas in God's judgement, the charges would be what you did not what you caused. Because to make something happen, it requires so many factors. Just not the one you are doing. So who actually is causing all what is happening is not YOU. So you will be charged only the amount of your involvement in it. This was just an example. It works same for rewards as well.


हानि लाभ जीवन मरण जस अपजस विधि हाथ 

In Ram Charit Manas, rishi Vashistha told Bharat about above things, which are controlled by Vidhi.

What is Vidhi?

बरु भल बास नरक कर ताता। दुष्ट संग जनि देइ बिधाता॥

Lord Ram says to Vibhishan that It's better to stay in hell rather than Vidhata give someone company of bad person.

Who is Vidhata here? 

Actually, Vidhi is process and Vidhata is process owner and the results are the outcome of the process where algorithm runs to determine what should be given to you based on your karma.

Vidhi or Vidhata is not ParaBrahm. They are just owner of process.

Friday, 18 November 2022

रोम पुलकित, चित्त विस्मित, राम ही सन्यास हैं

चर अचर की चेतना और सृष्टि का सारांश हैं, 

वो राम सबके मन में बसते चिर निरंतर ही स्वांस हैं|

राम से ही है जो जन्मा, राम में ही है समाया,

राम को करूँ क्या मैं अर्पण,  राम से ही है जो पाया| 

राम सृस्टि का भोग वैभव राम ही उपवास हैं,

रोम पुलकित, चित्त विस्मित, राम ही सन्यास हैं|

राम सत्ता राम  राजे, राम कण कण में विराजे 

राम नैनो की लालसा में, राम धड़कन की धुन में बाजे|

हों जो गहरे, मन में अँधेरे, दिव्य दीपक सी आस हैं,

मन की आँखों से जो देखे राम अपने ही पास हैं|

Friday, 21 October 2022

Unfulfilled desires and connection with dearth of blessings

Knowledge about something is directly related to lack of it. One who doesn't have peace of mind knows a lot about meditation and mindfulness techniques. One who has never thought of exploring it. One who lacks height knows what contributes to good height. One who is fat knows a lot about balanced diet. These things though never produce desired results and even if they do, it takes a lot of patience. Almost, forever.

On the same ground, people who know a lot of ways to please God, bhakti, devotion etc basically lack the blessings and who have blessings enjoy the life and never need to think about from where it all is coming. What is the source!

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Dwait Vs Adwait

एकैवाहं जगत्यत्र द्वितीया का ममापरा।

"I alone exist in this universe. Who else is there beside me?”

When a baby is inside mother's womb, whether they are one or two?

Umbilical chord is the lotus that is attached to navel of lord Vishnu and the creator brahma and creation brahmand are on it - Visualise Lord Padmanabhan. I bow to Him.

Mata Yashoda saw entire cosmos in mouth of Lord Krishna and Shree Kak Bhushundi saw tha same inside mouth of lord Rama.

God is not there somewhere sitting in sky. We are all, including everything all around us, are inside God.

Now, its up to reader whether he things there are two - Brahma and Brahmanda or Just one only Brahma.

This is just an analogy. Real understanding of God is beyond human intelligence.

- Amit Roop